Bike child seats, trailers and tag-alongs are a great way to go cycling with your children when they are still too young to ride by themselves. Both child seats and trailers are suitable for very young children, aged 6 months to 4 years. Tagalongs are ideal for older kids who are still learning to ride or haven’t yet got the legs to cycle very far.

With a child seat on your bike you can safely carry your children when you cycle. Child seats attach to your bike, either behind you or in front of you. Front child seats are usually designed for younger children while rear child seats can accommodate a wider age range. Most child seats feature a full harness with foot straps to ensure that your child stays safely seated while you ride. Child seats attach securely to your bike and often feature a quick release bracket that makes them easy to take on and off once fitted.

Child bike trailers are a great alternative to child seats and offer some distinct advantages. Trailers easily attach to the rear of most bikes and while they add weight, they don’t affect the balance of the bike as all the extra weight is supported by the wheels of the trailer itself. While trailers require a bit of care to handle in tight corners, they are generally much easier to cycle with than a bike with a child seat. As bike trailers are fully enclosed they also offer much better protection from the elements. Another advantage of a trailer is, if your bike falls over, the trailer will stay safely upright.

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