Bike Mudguards – If you’ve ever ridden a bike through a busy city or over rough, muddy terrain – you’ll understand the importance of a mudguard.

Their main purpose is to keep the rider clean while cycling, but they are also useful for deflecting grit away from any moving components.

With a huge range of bike mudguards, we’re able to stock mudguards in all shapes, sizes, brands and more importantly – price points. So with a versatile range covering all budgets, there really is something for every rider at 4Bike. Our range of mudguard sets will provide you with the highest level of protection, as they feature both front and rear guards.

They are most suited to hybrid bike owners, but can also be fitted to some road bikes, ideal if you’re also looking to commute. Front mudguards will protect any mountain biker or trail rider, while rear mtb mudguards prevent the dreaded mud trail on the back of your shirt, and are the most effective for staying clean and dry.

When purchasing bike mudguards, you’ll want to pay attention to the size of your wheels to achieve the best coverage. To complete our range, you’ll find a great selection of clip-on mudguards, which are easy to install and clean.

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