Electric hybrid bikes are the perfect go anywhere, do anything bike. Packing in the best bits of a road, the best bits of a mountain bike and a motor.

Cycle through the city with less effort on an electric urban bike. Featuring pedal assist crank and hub motors, with long lasting and quick charging lithium ion batteries, your daily commute will be much quicker and shopping trips easier with an urban e bike. With an electric motor to get you up to speed you will find it much easier to carry your shopping and other essentials around town.

A great advantage of electric bikes is that you don’t need to get all hot and sweaty to make good progress. This is especially useful for those who want to cycle to work but don’t have shower facilities to freshen up after riding to work. Electric urban bikes like the Specialized Turbo Vado also offer smart features that will help you to take your e bike cycling to the next level. Browse our full range of electric hybrid bike

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