Bar Tape – Handlebar tape provides a nice bit of cushioning for your hands, reducing the vibrations that travel from the road up into your arms. Choose tape that provides the right amount of padding for you and the type of riding you do.

Keep your riding comfortable and stylish by replacing or upgrading your bar tape. At 4Bike we selling a wide range of styles and colours of quality bar tape

The humble handlebar tape is the only point of contact with the bike that is ever likely to be on bare skin, so choose wisely. Thicker, padded tape is great for absorbing vibrations on gravel bikes, whilst thinner tape is better for smaller hands or those who prefer gloves with a lot of padding. Within our wide range of handlebar tape and grips, there is sure to be one which is just right for you and that will match the colours scheme of your bike too. Browse and buy online or reserve and collect in-store.

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