Replacing or upgrading the drivetrain can result in a much improved cycling experience – smoother, faster and more precise shifting – ensuring that you are in the correct gear for any part of your ride on your Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo equipped bicycle.
Gears & Drivetrain – The gears and drivetrain include your cassette, chain and chainset, as well as smaller items such as cables and bottom brackets, and ensuring they have a little TLC from time to time will result in a lovely smooth and quiet ride.

Upgrading your groupset can make a huge difference to how your bike performance and feels. A groupset includes a chainset (also called a crankset), bottom bracket, brakes, brake levers, shifters, derailleurs, a chain and a cassette. These bundles contain all the bits and pieces you need. With ultra-smooth and precise shifting performance, you get the most out of your input.

Electronic groupsets offer pro-level performance with ultra-crisp shifting performance. Road groupsets and mountain bike groupsets have significant differences, catering to their riding styles, strength, weight and gear ratios, so choose the right system for your needs. The more you spend on a groupset the more features you will get, as well as lighter and better quality materials.

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