Bike Frames

Bike frames are the foundation of any bike. Whether you’re building up your dream bike from scratch, or you need a replacement frame we’ve got something for you. We stock a range of carbon framesets for road cycling and ultra-rugged full-suspension MTB frames. Aluminium frames are lightweight, stiff and strong – the perfect blend of performance characteristics for all-round cycling.

Carbon framesets are even lighter and can be engineered with more sophisticated compliance for a smooth ride without compromising efficiency or handling. Carbon fibre composites are just as strong as aluminium but significantly lighter. Our range includes bike frames for road cycling, mountain biking, CX and more from big brands including Specialized, Mondraker and Yeti.

Complete bikes are not for everyone. Whether you want to replace a damaged frame set or build a bike to your own custom specification – choosing each component yourself, frame sets are the central component of a bike build. With frame sets available for road and off-road, there are plenty of options available for most bike riders, whatever type of riding you do.

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