Bike Derailleurs & Mechs – Not only is the drivetrain essential in keeping your bike moving forward, it’s also the most noticeable bling on the bike. Keep it ultra smooth with the latest in electronic shifting with Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS, or keep it traditional and elegant with cable-driven mechs. From the super light to the hardy and functional, we have the perfect range of derailleurs and mechs in stock from Shimano, Sram, Microshift and Campagnolo.

The derailleur is what moves your chain up and down gears, working with your shifter to change gears. It is an essential part of your drivetrain and can help your bike feel smoother and shifts faster and more accurately.

Shimano and SRAM are the biggest manufacturers of derailleurs for both road and mountain biking. Campagnolo is also a big name, focusing purely on road cycling. The rear derailleur shifts the rear gears and is available for 7-12 speeds. The front derailleur shifts the front gears and is available for 2-3 gears. The Shimano rear derailleur for mountain biking is often found with a clutch to help chain retention and SRAM also offers this feature.

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