The Folding bike is a convenient and practical alternative to the traditional bicycle, designed to fold up and fit into tight spots, such as car boots or under your desk. Folding bike are perfect for anyone with limited space at home, or at work, or anyone who commutes with their bike – simply fold your folding bike up and carry it on the bus or train!

The most convenient bikes for commuting. Folding bike fold down to much smaller sizes, perfect for transporting. For commuter who often jump on buses or trains, a bike that can reduce in size makes life so much easier, never having to worry about if you can fit your bike on. Folding bikes also make the perfect transport for those in small apartments in city centres, as they won’t take up valuable living space.

There is a large range of folding bikes to choose from. Many are based around 20” wheels for the ultra convenient size when folded, while some have even smaller 18” or 16” wheels. Bickerton and Montague both offer larger, mountain bike and hybrid sports styled folding bikes with larger wheels. Full-length mudguards and rear racks are common accessories, completing the convenient riding nature of folding bikes.

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