Cycling Tech

There is a huge range of accessories, components and tech to help you in your fitness, racing and adventure goals. We will look into the main essentials from GPS computers and power meters, to multi-tools and spares.

The tech will help you find and capitalise on your strength and endurance potentials along with taking the guesswork out of navigation. Use turbo trainers let you train at home through the winter and during less than ideal riding conditions. Road pedals are a must for any serious road cyclist along with the essential spares and accessories.

The number of cycle computers and bike GPS systems has massively increased in the past decade, with brands such as Garmin, Polar and Lezyne leading the way.

With a bicycle computer, it’s never been easier to track your journey and performance while cycling. You can analyse your distance, power, time with seamless navigation and even monitor your speed with a cadence sensor.

Using your cycle computer to set yourself targets will also add an element of fun to your ride, allowing you to test yourself against your personal best performances and can be kept in place during your ride with a bike phone holder.

If you’re looking for an action cam, we stock some of the best models from the likes of GoPro, Kitvision and SilverLabel. Suitable for capturing a day at the trails on your new mountain bikes , all our action cams are designed to withstand bumps, scruffs and the most rugged of environments. When it comes to video quality, your journey never looked so good with one of our 4K action cams. And with the necessary mounts also available, you can be confident that your action cam is securely fitted to your bike or helmet. Check out our GPS buyers guide for more information.

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