Bike Lights

Bike Lights – When the sun sets, lights are essential to allow you to see and be seen and the brighter and more distinctive the better. Fit a pair of rear and front cycle lights to protect yourself and make sure you’re seen on the road or on the trail.

When you’re off-road, you’ll need high-performance bike lights that illuminate the trail ahead. We have all sorts of solutions, from basic battery lights to high-powered tree melters with extra bright LED’s and rechargeable power units.

Modern lights are lightweight, shine brightly and are essential for commuting through the winter months. As well as lighting your way at night a bike lights will help you to be more visible in low light conditions. The best lights are bright, easy to fit, rechargeable and offer different lighting modes.

LED lights: Today most bike lights use LEDs as these are very energy efficient, emitting a lot of light for their size. This is why most cyclists choose a bike LED light for their cycle light. Knog lights are great little LED lights for commuting.

Rechargeable lights: While some bicycle lights use replaceable batteries, most are USB rechargeable lights. Run times are long and with a rechargeable light you don’t need to worry about changing batteries. Cateye bike lights are popular rechargeable options.

Front lights: You can choose from two types of front bicycle light. Those that help you to be seen by others, flashing can useful here, and those lights for a bike that are bright enough to light your way. Exposure road and MTB lights put out 1,000’s of lumens with a broad beam and helmet lights to help you see around the next corner. A bike helmet light is a great addition, especially for MTB night riding.

Rear bike lighting: To help you be seen from behind a rear light can be set to various flashing modes. Front and rear lights for a bike are often available in a set. We stock a full range including Lezyne lights and Cateye lights as well as other big brands like RockBros lights.

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